Listening Booth: We Spin The New Death Cab Track "Black Sun"!

There have been some big changes in the Death Cab camp - most importantly, the departure of original guitarist/longtime producer Chris Walla - so there are a lot of people curious to hear the band's new album, Kintsugi, due on Atlantic Records on March 31.

The band is now streaming their first track from the album, "Black Sun", which shows the streamlined three-piece taking on a very different sonic identity.  Truth be told, 2011's Codes And Keys sounded very much like the Death Cab we'd come to know since the band signed to a major label.  While the album ranked with their best, the whole thing just felt a tad too comfortable and familiar, as if the band was simply going through the motions.

Who could blame them?  After all, Gibbard had moved to L.A. with wife Zooey Deschanel, who would file for divorce six months after the release of the album.  Listening back now, one gets the feeling his head wasn't quite in the game.

On "Black Sun", however, we hear a rejuvenated Gibbard.  With his voice heavily treated, he seems to be channeling Johnny Cash and there are some new inflections he's worked into his repertoire.

The production by Rich Costey (Muse, Franz Ferdinand, Interpol) is noticeably jagged compared to Walla's work, which, as of late, seemed more intricate and precise.

Is "Black Sun" their best song ever?  No, but it' a promising step into the unknown for a band obviously looking to shake things up a bit for inspiration's sake.

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