Ten Minutes Of Stupid In A Two-Minute Clip: MTV VJ Kennedy Interviews The Gin Blossoms!

Now, I don't know where you were in 1994, but I was still watching MTV.  Seeing as how it hadn't been so long ago that I had finally moved to a part of the world that offered cable programming, I still regarded MTV as the best possible station to leave my boob tube turned to while I did other shit around the house.

And every so often I would wander by and hear some cool song, or catch a great interview with Julian Cope or Frank Black or see Material Issue tearing it up at Spring Break, but then one day I walked by and witnessed this, the absolute dumbest moment in all of recorded TV and/or musical history thanks to MTV VJ Kennedy's complete ineptitude at her job.

I mean, let's face it, being an MTV VJ was a cool job and you just knew that Viacom must have had a stack of audition tapes taller than the Willis Tower.  They could have given the job to someone cuter (seriously, is she trying to look like a nerdier version of Melissa Gilbert circa "Roseanne"?), more knowledgeable of music, and who could bring themselves to do, at the very least, a modicum of research on the act they are about to interview.

So when the Gin Blossoms showed up for what might be the ONLY MTV interview of their career (after all, there are no promises in rock & roll, baby!), Kennedy's thrill of having one of the coolest jobs on the planet seems to have given way to not giving a flying fuck.

Truth be told, I took a certain solace in the fact that, near as I could tell, Kennedy never worked in the entertainment biz again.  I mean, only a network that requires their on-air talent to be incapable of rational thought would possibly hire someone who blindly suggests that an album called New Miserable Experience, full of bitter, heart-wrenching (but beautifully melodic) songs written by an alcoholic who got kicked out of the band and took his own life mere months before this interview took place is not a depressing album could possibly put someone this willfully obtuse on the air.

I mean, if there is someone who can fit more stupid into two minutes than this Kennedy character, I am all ears.

Long story short, Kennedy works for Fox News these days.  Sometimes the jokes just write themselves, don't they?

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