Five Oddly Inspiring YouTube Clips That Will Make Your Day!

As an aficionado of all things Akai MPC, I am constantly on the lookout for great clips that show just how inspiring these amazing machines can be.  Those who dismiss the MPC as a mere drum machine with a few more bells and whistles need only watch this clip that I happened upon yesterday.

The publisher of the clip claims that it features an artist by the name of Freedom and was filmed in 2006.  No further clips or info can be found on Freedom, but that's okay because there is nothing that isn't absolutely perfect about this clip; from the horrible yet pitch-perfect spelling of the text sprinkled throughout the clip to footage of Freedom's trip to the local record store to buy the albums he will later sample for his musical creation, the honesty and earnestness of Freedom is evident from the very start.

Watching him sample random musical clips from a handful of Asian artists found in the cheapo bins and turn it into a stoned hip-hop symphony of sorts is inspiring to all who find themselves bored at time by their instrument of choice.  Sometimes a clip like this can shed new light on well-worn paths or open your eyes to certain sonic paths heretofore unexplored.  Or, at the very least, it's just plain fun to watch this guy get his groove on.

I'll never be a Train fan for a variety of reasons, but this clip of them showing up unannounced to play their massive hit "Hey Soul Sister" at a mall in Sweden may sound cheesy on paper, but darn if it doesn't bring a little cheer to the heart to see the band win over a pavilion of strangers.  Is it because everybody fucking loves a good ukelele sing-along or is singer Pat Monahan's earnestness impossible to deny?  Either way, we enjoyed every second of this.

I'm just gonna come right out and say it; the world was a better place when Exene and John were a couple.  To me, they were the gritty West Coast punk version of Chris Stein and Debby Harry. Seeing them here, no stress, no rock & roll shenanigans, just sitting on the couch talking.

It's that conversational tone that's so lacking these days as we stare into our phones for affection. John Doe is still cool as hell without trying and, lordy, I sure do miss this Exene.

Imagine only the good parts of every Led Zep tune beautifully assembled into one bite-size medley by the CRIMINALLY underfamous Elvis Brothers.  Well, imagine no more because here are Rob, Brad and Graham Elvis in the flesh doing their best deconstruction of the Zeppelin oevre.

Holy shit, did we just use the word "oevre" in a sentence?  Well, then you know it's good!  What kind of world do we live in where something this fookin' awesome only has 1,723 views???

This is one of those videos that just makes you question everything: Is this for real?  Should I be offended?  The question I want answered, though, is WHERE THE F#$% did PEACHES GO?  She hasn't put out a new record in over five years?!  That's just unacceptable.  Granted, the docu-opera "Peaches Does Herself" came out in 2012, but still...Dufrane, search party of four, go find Peaches!

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