Five Fun Facts About Trio And The Minimalist Genius of "Da Da Da"!

The year was 1982. A little-known German trio called, uh, Trio, hit American shores with a sharp, minimalist blast of ear worm goodness called "Da Da Da".

The song would be their only U.S. hit, although, upon checking the Billboard charts, the song really wasn't a hit in the technical sense. One would think that for as much airplay as the song received, both on radio and MTV, that it would have achieved some level of mainstream chart success.

In fact, the song's highest charting position was at #33 on the Dance charts. It never actually charted as on the Top 40 pop singles chart.

In '97, the song saw a brief resurgence after VW used it in their new campaign of TV commercials, leading the band's label to issue a compilation entitled "Da Da Da" the following year.

Five things you probably never knew about Trio and the song "Da Da Da"

* Most of their music, including "Da Da Da", was produced by Klaus Voorman, who was part of the Beatles inner circle and playing bass for Plastic Ono Band and George Harrison.

* In 1998, guitarist Krawinkel received an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for riding the longest distance from Seville to Hamburg by horse.

* Singer Stephen Remmler released a song called "I Don't Go To U.S.A."

* After the band broke up, drummer Peter Behrens would survive a battle with drugs and alcohol before embarking on a career as a social worker and clown.

* Sure "Da Da Da" was fun little ditty, but could the band members actually "pull it off live" you ask?

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