We Knew That Britney Spears/Iggy Azalea Poster Looked Familiar!

Promotional poster for Britney & Iggy's new single "Pretty Girls".
So the other day, I see this image for Britney Spears' and Iggy Azalea's new single "Pretty Girls" and I am immediately filled with a sense of deja vu. Well, in truth, I am first filled with a sense of mirth upon seeing both Britney and Iggy adorned with what can only be called "rocket tits" when, in fact, anybody with eyes knows that both women are only modestly gifted in that area.

I imagined the artist taking special joy in filling out the breasts on both women, turning in the finished artwork, and then being told to "tone down the boobs". Ha ha, who am I kidding? That would never happen because, deep down, both entertainers know that "the illusion" is much more important than "the truth".

After all, did Britney cancel recent concerts because her voice went out? Nope, it was her ankle, injured while performing one of the rudimentary moves she is responsible for executing while surrounded by 23 backing dancers who do most of the, ahem, heavy lifting.

Thankfully, nobody paying $90 a ticket to see Britney lip-sync cares about "the truth" that neither Britney nor Iggy can actually sing. What they DO care about is the fact that if these two gals with thimbles of actual talent can be the purveyors of their own multi-media empires built on deceit and delusion at every level, well, gosh darn it, so can they.

If we were truly honest with ourselves, Britney would be a trivia question (What one-hit wonder sang "Oops I Did It Again"?) that few people can remember the answer to ("Ashlee Simpson?" WRONG!)

As for Iggy Azalea, it makes a perverse sort of sense in the year 2015 that a white gal from Australia would be one of the hottest hip hop acts on the planet. Her biggest musical influence, you ask? TLC. That's right, a trio who were signed by L.A. Reid for their dancing skills, and admittedly rarely sang on their own recordings, is responsible for inspiring Iggy to pursue a career in deception as well. 

Promotional poster for the 1989 film "Earth Girls Are Easy"
Now, if I was a graphic artist forced to come up with a poster to promote the latest single by Brit and Iggy, I would seriously consider trading my job and my degree for a career as a Little Caesar's "arrow guy because, at the end of the day, even though I'm still shoveling shit, at least I could live with myself.

Ah, but if I was a 20-something kid trying to pay the rent on the Santa Monica studio apartment I share with five other dudes (three of whom seem to consider surfing as a form of job hunting), I'd probably just roll my eyes and bang something out based on the first things that come to mind describing Britney Spears:

"Blond, can't sing, marries some nobody loser every few years, divorces said loser and starts wearing sweatpants in public."

Did we miss anything?

Based on some other artist's appropriation of the "Miami Vice" logo for the cover of Iggy's album, The New Classic, it's safe to say that nothing is sacred anymore so why not just swipe something else from the '80s - maybe something a little more obscure this time - and hope nobody notices?

Conclusion: Pretty Girls Are Easy?

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