FOUR Things YOU Probably Already Knew About The B-52's "Cosmic Thing"!

1. The album was produced by Don Was and Nile Rodgers.

In hindsight, every act that Rodgers touched in the '80s turned to gold, or, more accurately, platinum: Diana Ross, David Bowie, Madonna, INXS, and even the B-52's, who career at Warner Brothers hung in the balance after the sub-par commercial performance of Bouncing Off The Satellites in '86. Geek fact: Nile also played guitar on and co-produced Robert Plant's Honeydrippers EP .

2. "Tin Roof...Rusted"?

That's backwoods slang for "pregnant", ya'll.

3. Somebody other than a B-52 wrote the lyrics to one of their biggest hits.

The band had always written all their own music and lyrics...I mean who else could have written "Rock Lobster" or "Private Idaho", but on "Roam, the band provides the music and one Robert Waldrop. Who the fuck is Robert Waldrup? An extensive surfing of the web revealed absolutely nothing on this mysterious Top 20 hit lyricist.

4. Yep, that's former Gang of Four bassist Sara Lee in the "Love Shack" video.

Imagine being one of maybe twelve kids in all of America who squeed at the sight of Lee on bass after having dug her work on Go4's Songs of The Free and Hard and then wondering where she's disappeared to for the past six years. Lee wound up touring extensively with the B-52's.

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