Gary Numan To Play Metro Three Nights In May 2016!

Imagine that, for $30, you could see one of rock's most enduring synth pioneers perform one of his most iconic albums in its entirety in your own backyard. Of course, we don't mean your literal backyard - not that the swing set and picnic table wouldn't provide the perfect post-apocalyptic backdrop for Numan's dark synthetic soundscapes - but, rather, the friendly confines of the esteemed Metro.

Numan last visited the hallowed halls of the Metro back in 2010. Since then he's released two albums, 2011's Dead Son Rising and 2013's Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind) that sparked a remarkable return-to-form for Numan and saw the latter effort become his best-selling release since 1983's Warriors.

This time, though, he'll be performing his three most iconic albums front-to-back: Replicas On May 15, The Pleasure Principle on May 16 and Telekon on May 17.

Tickets are available now for all three shows!


Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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