Remember That Marshall Amp Mini-Fridge? There's Now A Motley Crue Version And, Boy, Is It...

The new Motley Crue Marshall mini-fridge, fog machine not included
Oh, the music world was abuzz a few years back about that cute little Marshall Amp mini fridge, but, at roughly $400, it seems as if they're thumbing their nose at their own audience. I mean, we'd love to deck out the practice space with a kick-ass Marshall mini-fridge, but, for most bands, that's a lotta cash for something that doesn't make any fucking noise.

Well, now they've gone and teamed with the bad boys of the Sunset Strip to bring you the new Motley Crue Final Tour Marshall Amp mini-fridge. Here's the best part: they want $600 for it.

Granted, there are only 5,000 being made, but how many could they logically sell, even at the lower price point? My hunch is less than 5,000, which makes the "limited-edition" aspect kind of suspect.

Of course, all of this does raise the question, how many other bands could Marshall team with to create branded fridges? More importantly, what band's fridge would lead YOU to part with $600 of your hard-earned money sight-unseen?

Just know that when the Cheap Trick Marshall Amp mini-fridge comes out, and it will - ya'll better stand back.

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