Song of The Day: Wild Choir 'Safe In The Arms Of Love'!

The music industry is full of superstars; iconic bands we all know and love, but the artists I've always been attracted to are those who, in one way or another, just happen to be in the right place, but at the wrong time.

Take for instance the band Wild Choir, who had the unfortunate luck to be about 20-30 years too early to truly enjoy country's pop renaissance. Led by country singer Gail Davies, who, after six solo albums and only sporadic appearances on the country charts, was looking for an angle to kickstart her career.

A trip to London inspired her to return home and form a hybrid country-rock band that could be true to their country roots while maintaining a rock edge.

The band's sole 1986 RCA album, Wild Choir, is an album chock-full of inspired musical moments deemed too edgy by the country music gatekeepers of the day that seems absoluterly "Taylor"-made for today's country playlists.

In addition to two John Hiatt-penned gems ("Girl On A String" and "Heart To Heart"), the album boast two Pam Rose/Mary Ann Kennedy compositions, including "Safe In The Arms of Love".

Because it has long been considered a hit just waiting to happen, the song itself would go on to be recorded by numerous country acts over the years; Baillie & The Boys in 1989, Michele Wright in 1994, and Martina McBride's version in '95 that finally became a hit.

McBride's version may be the one most folks are familiar with, but Wild Choir's original version remains superior to this writer's ears.

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