LP Unleashes The RAW Trash Snare, Made From Actual Trash Can Lids!

With Latin Percussion's new Trash Snare ($89), the next time you're rockin' out on the drums and someone tells you that your snare sounds like garbage, you will smile and say, "Thanks!"

Built around a galvanized steel trash can lid, the LP Raw Series Trash Snare is filled with synthetic beads that creates a dynamic yet trashy sizzling snare sound. Developed in collaboration with percussionist Dende, this versatile drum can be played on both sides. With the included Sound Enhancer, you can even beef up the gritty sizzle.

The Trash Snare is part of LP's new RAW series of percussion, which also includes an actual street can with legs ($179) that operates as a sort of trash can floor tom, giving you a sound that's capable of cutting through any mix and, at the end of the night, people can use it to dispose of their empties. :)

Now, we're all for trying new things, but one has to wonder how excited musicians are going to be about paying that kind of money for, you know, trash cans.

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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