Tonight's MUST-SEE Rock Show: Terrible Spaceship at Emporium Arcade Bar!

TONIGHT: Terrible Spaceship at Emporium Arcade Bar FREE ADMISSION! 8PM!

When I first caught Terrible Spaceship back in 2009, I would have bet good money that, by the year 2016, this ambitious sci-fi seven-piece would be Chicago's latest rock export to break big beyond our city limits. Six long years later, the band remains unchanged, as if fresh from their cryogenic chambers, ready to share their space-age message with a room full of Chicago's most discerning rock fans. But what do they sound like, you ask?

Imagine a mix of Wax Trax! industrial, modern-day retrowave, and the kitschy aesthetic of Minneapolis' legendary The Suburbs and you'll have a rough idea of the musical universe this band inhabits. If that description doesn't sway you, how about the fact that admission to tonight's show at Emporium Arcade Bar (1366 N. Milwaukee) is FREE! That's right, this opportunity to check out one of this city's most visually and sonically ambitious bands while playing your favorite video games will cost you NOTHING! The least you can do is RSVP here!

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