What Does Donald Trump's Popularity As Presidential Candidate Say About Us?

1. It says we're - HEY SQUIRREL! - easily distracted and attracted to the flames of our own destruction like the proverbial moths that we are.

2. It says that we're really fed up with "business as usual" in these here United States, but that we don't really want to fix the problem so much as talk tough and then do absolutely nothing.

3. It says that, at the end of the day, getting elected boils down to good old-fashioned name recognition and, sad to say, the Bush name cannot hold a candle to the multimedia empire that is Trump, Inc.

4. It says that we still haven't learned our lessons from past "stunt voting" atrocities. Can you say Arnold Schwarzenegger?

5. It says that we truly do not care how often we are lied to as long as you keep us entertained.

6. It says that when it comes to the highest office on the planet and giving someone access to "the Almighty Button", we American citizens operate on a strict "No Experience Necessary" basis.

7. Cotton candy comb over? What cotton candy comb over?

8. It says that we in America are easily swayed by the biggest Alpha Dog.

9. It says that we love a candidate that is as much a douche as we would be had we been given the advantages in life that Donald was given. We don't hate him for saying that his father gave him a "small loan" of a million dollars, going bankrupt four times, or cheating on every last one of his wives. We love how "real" the man is with the "Boehner orange" spray tan and cotton candy comb over.

10. It says that Mike Judge isn't just a genius, but that much of what he predicted in "Idiocracy" came true much sooner than anyone could have hoped!

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