Must-See Rock Show: Dan Baird's Homemade Sin This Saturday At FitzGerald's!

For a meager $15 and a trip to Berwyn, one can see former Georgia Satellites singer Dan Baird and ex-Jason & The Scorchers guitarist Warner Hodges tear it up in their new band Homemade Sin. Of course, fellow Satellite Mauro Magellan pounds the skins, ensuring that Saturday's show will be an all-out roots-rock frenzy and those who attend will be able to say they were there.

In 1992, Baird made quite a splash with his debut solo album Love Songs For The Hearing Impaired, which featured the hit single "I Love You Period", but subsequent efforts have come and gone without much mainstream fanfare, but, like most things this cool, their loss is our gain.

Thus, for those who have been paying attention to Baird's career since the major labels stopped caring, there is a literal treasure trove of knock-down, drag-out albums full of blazing rockers and Baird's sly brand of humor, including the band's latest effort, Get Loud.

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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