When Album Covers Attack: Foxy 'Get Off' Edition

It's one thing to see a local rock band with a limited budget and a drummer who "knows a little Photoshop" commit an atrocity upon the eyes with their self-released pressing of 500 CDR's, but it's another thing entirely to see a train wreck of an album cover come out on an actual "big-time record label", knowing full well the number of people involved in conceptualizing, executing and ultimately approving the final product.

I mean, this is the big leagues, after all. You don't just leave the job of making the right first impression to one person in the art department. So when an album such as Foxy's Get Off calls out to you from its lowly place in the "Shit We Can't Give Away" bin of your local record retailer, you can't help but wonder how such an album cover came to be.

Did someone pitch the idea of five shirtless dead guys on the biggest pink blanket you ever did see and one shirt-wearing fella begging for his life? And what would we have seen if the camera had zoomed out, you ask? "Hey, those five shirtless guys are being pleasured by five topless island beauties!"

Now, THAT would have been an album cover.

Thing is, for all of the wrongness of this album cover, the album still hit the U.S. Top 20 in 1978 and the album's title cut was a Top 10 single that you will instantly recognize when you hit PLAY on the clip above.

While the band would go on to release three more albums, they would never repeat the success of Get Off. singer Angel Ledesma would go on to form Oxo who would sign to Geffen Records and score a minor hit with "Whirly Girl" in 1983.

He would later form and produce the all-girl freestyle dance act Company B in 1986 and score a Top 40 Pop single and/ #1 dance hit with "Fascinated".

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