Top 10 Reasons Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Broke Up!

10. He was a cancer. As for his zodiac sign, Capricorn we think.

9. He kept asking her to "go halfsies" on hookers and nose candy.

8. Last week's Trivia Night at The Standard when she was asked to name someone famous named Calvin and couldn't think of anyone.

7. John Mayer texted her "hey sweetness" along with an updated shot of his junk and it rekindled old feelings.

6. Her addiction to buying sandals drove a wedge between them.

5. YOU try saying "Make sweet love to me, Calvin" with a straight face.

4. Got tired of her backing dancers calling her "Hobbes".

3. She finally found out what a DJ does.

2. Last week, one of them woke up screaming "Oh Ryan, you can put your fingers wherever you want to" and it wasn't Ms. Swift.

1. It was time to start writing songs for her new album.

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