Holy Sh*t! Steven Adler Rejoins Guns N Roses In Cincy!

Last night, a small bit of music history took place when the impossible happened: Steven Adler joined his former GNR bandmates onstage in Cincinnati, OH and performed two songs, "Out ta Get Me" and "My Michelle".

Adler was notably absent when the band announced plans for their summer reunion tour, this appears to have been motivated more by Adler's scheduled back surgery than any other factor and that the band does not rule out Adler's further involvement with the tour.

While it remains to be seen whether Adler's recovery will allow him to take part in a rigorous full-time performing/touring schedule, for this writer, just seeing his face light up as he brought back that original GNR swagger was cause for celebration.

No matter what personal issues he may have battled in the past, the fact that he has lost absolutely none of his swing and feel says a lot for the man's undeniable ability to bring this band together in a way that no other drummer has or will ever do.

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