Open Letter To Cook County Judge Anita Richardson Regarding Which Musical Genres Qualify As 'Fine Art'?

Dear Anita Richardson,

At an administrative hearing with attorneys from Evil Olive and the Beauty Bar over whether these and other venues owe Cook County years of back taxes for not charging a 3% amusement fee on DJ and rap events, among others, you stated for the record, "Rap music, country music, and rock 'n' roll" do not fall under the purview of "fine art," 

Unbeknownst to you, it would appear, County code defines live music and live cultural performances as "any of the disciplines which are commonly regarded as part of the fine arts, such as live theater, music, opera, drama, comedy, ballet, modern or traditional dance, and book or poetry readings."

Still not getting the picture?

Here, lemme bust out my Sharpies and highlight the portion of the last paragraph that you missed:
See, it says in no uncertain terms that "music" is a "fine art".

And, per your own words, "rap music" and "country music" qualify as music.

Have a wonderful day.. 

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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