We Rate '80s Videos: Mick Jagger's 'Running Out Of Luck'!

On Mick Jagger's "Running Out Of Luck", from his 1985 solo album She's The Boss, Mick seems intent on channeling Timbuk 3, but the video goes even further in the "Gee, I wish I was on I.R.S. records" vein that Jagger was certainly in circa '85.

After all, the label had broken the Go-Go's, Wall of Voodoo and Timbuk 3, right? Yes, to the first two, but Timbuk 3's "The Future's So Bright" didn't come out until 1986.

"This photo shoot cost more than your house and I'm wearing sweat pants and a tank top."
So Mick was actually ahead of the curve on that one, then.

Columbia Records at the time seemed only capable of moving Bruce Springsteen and Loverboy albums. Despite Mick's obvious attempts to make a modern-sounding record, the label just couldn't seem to break one of the most recognizable icons in all of rock & roll.

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