The Pretenders Unleash "Holy Commotion'!

In the press blurb advertising the forthcoming Pretenders album, Alone, Chrissie Hynde explains that she and producer Dan Auerbach (Black Keys) initially set out to record a follow-up to her well-received 2014 solo effort, Stockholm, but the project gradually morphed into a Pretenders record even though she is the last remaining original member (Martin Chambers last appeared on 2002's Loose Screw).

That sounds to this writer like a) Dan Auerbach wants "The Pretenders" on is resume (and who can blame him?), or b) the label agreed to finance the album under one condition...

That's too bad because the teaser cut "Holy Commotion" is a jaunty jalopy of a tune that recalls former hubby Ray Davies' "Come Dancing". You've gotta hand it to Auerbach, as he consistently gets great results by challenging legacy artists to leave their comfort zones. Whereas most teaser tracks only succeed in scaring you away, "Holy Commotion" actually manages to whet the listener's appetite and build anticipation for a Pretenders album of otherwise dubious pedigree.

Auerbach definitely tends to impose his own sound upon the proceedings check recent works by Ray LaMontagne, Lana Del Rey and Cage The Elephant for proof) which is precisely what the artist, the label, and we the music buying public want from him.

Alone comes out tomorrow, October 21.

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