Hot Sugar Demonstrates The Best $99 You Can Spend On Music Gear This Week!

Meet Nick.

Nick is bored.

He's been playing guitar in traditional rock bands for years and wants to change it up.

Good thing Guitar Center is running an absolutely knock-out deal on a device that may look like something that the Simon people dreamed up, and then promptly discarded, but packs a monster musical punch.

What could I possibly be talking about, you ask?

Now, I dunno if you've picked up on this, but sampling has become so commonplace that just about every song on the top of the pop charts these days is either built around a sample or composed of many different sampled loops and one-shots.

And yet your band is still going out there every night and giving the people exactly what they wanted...thirty years ago.

Enter the Casio XW-PD1.

To those looking to shake things up a bit, for a measly Benjamin, you can get your hands on one heckuva gateway drug into the world of sampling with the eye on potentially finding a way to incorporate such technology into your act.

Let's say you're not a keyboard player, yet you've hammered out a song with a kick-ass keyboard part. Thing is, you're too busy being a bad-ass showman the likes of which this city has never seen that playing a tricky keyboard part would kill the booty-shakin'.

Sample your tax bracket-changing keyboard part into the sampler and, with the touch of a pad, trigger it onstage with a single finger! Problem solved.

Dig a little deeper and you'll see the Casio XW-PD1's compositional skills, enabling you to tweak arrangements on-the-fly without the need to click a mouse.

Still not convinced?

Okay, perhaps its time to tell you about the 200 different on-board special f/x options (more than Kaoss pads or Roland SP samplers) that can be utilized onstage by any band or performer.

Of course, nobody lays it all out for you better than Nick Koenig, a.k.a., Hot Sugar, whose music has appeared in Comedy Central series "Broad City".

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