Song of The Day: Taffy 'I Love My Radio (Midnight Radio)'

If this song sounds even vaguely familiar to you, chances are you either spent some time in Europe or on the Chicago house scene in the mid-80s,

Produced by Claudio Cecchetto (Italy's Giorgio Moroder, for lack of a better description) in 1985, the song immediately soared into Italy's Top 5 and spread to the UK, where the song's story line (about a woman's infatuation with an overnight radio DJ) fell flat due to there being no such late night shows in Great Britain. A revamped version, re-titled "I Love My Radio (Dee Jay's Radio) found its way into the Top 5 in 1987.

We flashback to a time when Taffy's "I Love My radio" ruled the dancefloor.

Obviously, America would be the next domino to fall, as the song was already burning up the underground club scene. In the end, though, it never made the jump from the dance clubs to pop radio despite the star's obvious effervescent charm.

Sure, it's a fluffy, disposable slab of '80s pop, which makes it all the more newsworthy to those who might just be a tad bit tired of hearing the same Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam and Depeche Mode songs during every "Eighties Lunch".

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