That Time Greg Lake And Bob Dylan Wrote A Song Together!

With word coming today that Emerson, Lake & Palmer singer/guitarist Greg Lake has passed away from cancer at the age of 69, I am reminded of the respect I had for Lake as the sole traditional rock influence in an otherwise prog-themed trio more keen on flexing their musical muscles than giving the world something it can sing in the shower.

If fans of the band hadn't already pegged him as the "rocker" in ELP, his debut self-titled 1981 solo effort should have done the trick thanks to the album's opening number, "Nuclear Attack", a blazing rocker that soars on the guitar prowess of former Thin Lizzy guitarist Gary Moore, who, it just so happens, also wrote the song.

So that explains how a prog-rocker like Lake would come to record a Gary Moore song, but it doesn't come close to explaining how Lake would record a song he co-wrote with Bob Dylan on the same album.

Perhaps it's best to let Greg explain how the pairing came about:
"I wanted to sing a Bob Dylan song, just as a tribute to him, but I didn’t want to do one of the ones that are well-known, so I asked him if he had any new songs that were unrecorded that I could cover, and he sent over this tape of him doing “I Love You Too Much”: he’d written a couple of verses, that’s all, he had the hook, and he said, “Look, would you finish that song? Then it’ll be something that we’ve done together.” SOURCE

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