"Who Does That Song In The New VW Commercial?": The Lemonheads Edition!

The Lemonheads cover of "My Hero, Zero" appears in VW TV spot.
"Conjunction junction, what's my function?"
The first time I saw the above TV spot, I recognized Evan Dando's deadpan vocal delivery within seconds. As for the song, it took me another few seconds to recall that the Lemonheads had originally cover "My Hero, Zero" for the 1996 'Schoolhouse Rock' Rocks compilation that also included contributions by Blind Melon, Biz Markie, Folk Implosion, and Moby, among others.

The song, like most others that appeared as part of ABC's "Schoolhouse Rock" animated series, was penned and performed by Bob Dorough in 1973. By the time the Lemonheads covered the tune for Atlantic records' Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks tribute album in 1996, they were coming off their second straight gold album for the label, Come On Feel The Lemonheads.

Dorough, who turned 93 last December, would go on to write and produce music for the animated series until 1985. Most recently, he collaborated with Nellie McKay on her 2007 album Obligatory Villagers as well as 2009's Normal As Blueberry Pie - A Tribute To Doris Day.

Meanwhile, Dando, who turns 50 in March, was last heard from on the Lemonheads' 2009 all-covers album Varshons, which, coincidentally enough, was produced by Butthole Surfer Gibby Haynes, who also sings backing vocals (along with Hole's Melissa Auf Der Maur) on the Lemonheads' version of "My hero, Zero"

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