45 Years Ago Today: Police Raid L.A. Radio Station For Playing Donnie Osmond!

The year was 1972 and Donnie Osmond was at the tip-top of his matinee idol fame trajectory. "Puppy Love", his fourth single (and fourth Top 10 smash), was currently very popular with readers of 16 Magazine, and, as a result, teenage girls were lighting up radio station phone lines with non-stop requests for the song.

DJ Robert W Morgan plays Donnie Osmond's "Puppy Love" for 90 minutes straight in 1972!
DJ Robert W. Morgan
Legendary radio DJ Robert Morgan, known in the industry for his razor sharp wit and mercurial temper, had tolerated the seemingly endless phone requests for as long as he could, but finally reached his breaking point during his March 15, 1972 morning time slot.

Fighting fire with fire, Morgan proceeded to play "Puppy Love" non-stop for 90 straight minutes, stopping only after the L.A. police raided the station in response to numerous concerned calls from the station's listeners who feared that rabid teenage girls had taken over the studio (!) and were now playing the single repeatedly.

Morgan, of course, has just returned to L.A. and the morning slot at radio station KHJ after a brief tenure at Chicago's own WIND.

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