Saturday's Must-See Rock Show: Captured! By Robots at Beat Kitchen!

Captured! By Robots bring their 20 Years of Suffering tour to Beat Kitchen!

I know we like to throw around the term "must-see" a lot these days, but if there was one act for which the term "must-see" was invented, that act would most certainly be Captured! by Robots, who bring their special brand of robotic uprising to the esteemed Beat Kitchen this Saturday, March 25, with openers Texas Toast Chainsaw Massacre (10:00 showtime).

Promoting their latest LP, Endless Circle of Bullshit, the band brings their 20 Years of Suffering tour to Chicago as only they can: with three robots, two stuffed apes, and the "headless hornsmen" all led somewhat haphazardly by the band's sole human member, JBot.

Is a Captured! by Robots performance for everyone?

No, but it is for anyone who prides themselves on being that rare person who is open to new things and leaving their space space for one night of mind-altering music, art, and comedy that may just leave you slack-jawed and bewildered at the show, but, once you've had a day or two to make sense of it all, you'll be telling everyone you know about what you saw come Monday, no if's, and's or but's about it.

The details:

Captured! by Robots and Texas Toast Chainsaw Massacre
Beat Kitchen March 25, 2017, 10PM showtime!

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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