Tonight's Must-See Rock Show: Moving Units + Viktor Fiction At Empty Bottle!

Viktor Fiction is Dave Trumfio

Since the self-titled debut release by the seminal Chicago space rock duo The Pulsars first brought post-modern pop svengali Dave Trumfio to our attention twenty years ago (yes, its been that long), he has quite steadily become one of the few artists and producers whose name in the credits is all we need to see in order to procure said title sight-unseen.

If he's on your list too and you haven't already made plans to hit "the Bottle" tonight to catch Trumfio's latest recording project Viktor Fiction open for Moving Units, you need to stop reading right now and grab your tickets.

Viktor Fiction's second EP, Memories On Memorex, is now available via Bandcamp and is everything Pulsars fans could hope for beyond an official release of the band's unreleased second album.

Fiction is Trumfio's latest synth-pop excursion that could just as easily be called "The Pulsars" due to its strict adherence to the same basic principal ingredients that made Pulsars should-be-hits "The Tunnel Song", "Suffocation", and "Owed To A Devil" more addictive than a methamphetamine Pez dispenser.

Adding maximum bang to your $12 (tonight's ticket price), Trumfio will also be sitting in with Moving Units as they pay respectful tribute to the music of Joy Division. That's what we in the music biz call a win/win.

The Details:

Moving Units Presents The Songs of Joy Division
with openers Viktor Fiction and Soviet at the Empty Bottle, Chicago IL
Doors 9 PM
Tickets $12

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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