4/20 Song of The Day: Dr. Hook 'I Got Stoned And I Missed It'!

Growing up, I was never one of those kids who bought comedy albums. As much as I enjoy laughing my ass off, re-listening to a comedy album after you've already heard all the jokes is a lot like re-wrapping your Christmas gifts after you've opened them, hoping you'll be just as surprised when you open them again.

While others were re-opening their Robin Williams, Steve Martin and Cheech & Chong albums and trying to act surprised, much less thrilled, this young'un who knew nothing about "toking" was cranking Dr. Hook's Bankrupt, which, by comparison, worked both as a conventional country-tinged rock album and as a weed-fueled comedy album.

While the band certainly deserve a lion's share of the credit (or blame, depending on your appreciation for their special brand of humor), much credit must also be laid at the feet of poetic genius Shel Silverstein (if the name sounds familiar, he's Chicago native behind "Where The Sidewalk Ends", among many others), who penned most of the band's best songs, including this cannabis-fueled freakout.

Incredulously, the song was never released as a single - not by Dr. Hook, anyway. Country star Jim Stafford covered the song the very same year and had a Top 40 pop hit.

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