Hey, Whatever Happened To That Oasis Reunion?

Oasis circa 1994

“You do the music, and I’ll just be over here looking cool as fuck." - Liam Gallagher to brother Noel.
Like pro wrestling, the longtime public feud between brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher has always seemed a tad "put on" and whatever natural tendency they may have had for tearing the other one down was easily attributed to just being brothers.

Even so, when Noel declared, with some sadness and great relief, in 2009 that he "could not go on working with Liam a day longer", it was sad to see yet another band bent on changing the world succumb to the tedium of paradise. Forcing even two people on the best of terms to spend the better part of fifteen years together is bound to end in heartbreak.

Oasis singer Liam Gallagher with a baby strapped to his chest.
"Yay, paparazzi!"
We know how the story goes: Wait the requisite number of years while the requisite number of reasonably ambitious, yet ultimately forgettable Beady Eyes and High Flying Birds projects come and go, Gallagher bank account balances become noticeably smaller, and suddenly the idea of rolling around in money with your brother doesn't sound like a bad way to spend the summer.

The first sign of a cooling came in 2014 when the brothers were involved in the re-issue of the band's first three albums and the 20th anniversary release of Definitely Maybe. One would have thought such an occasion would have been the time to announce a proper reunion, but it was not to be,A

In 2015, work on an officially-sanctioned Oasis documentary began and, on cue, the UK music press heightened their usually restrained (!) coverage of Liam and Noel, where even "No comment!" is front-page news.

With a big media push announcing the documentary's release in 2016, one would have thought then would have also been an opportune time to, you know, reunite, tour, delight millions!

But nooooooo.

That didn't mean that some of us with trustworthy contacts in the concert community weren't hearing things. While the band's handlers had put out feelers the year before just to test the size of any offers that might be extended to them if the band were to reunite, such chatter became noticeably louder in early 2016.

In fact, it had all the earmarks of a band ramping up for a big 2017 summer/fall reunion tour.

Considering that 2017 summer festival line-ups and tour schedules are being rolled out daily as we speak and no mention of Oasis has been made by anyone, it looks like all that talk was just talk.

Or was it?

Seems our dependable birdie in the biz is back with a report. While even Liam has said publicly that his bags are packed for an Oasis reunion, word has it that, for the number the band was shopping to tour promoters (reportedly a very large number), they were told it was "too soon".

Too soon?!

2019, however, is reportedly not "too soon" at all.

In fact, not only is 2019 the ten-year anniversary of the band's split, it's also the 25th anniversary of the release of their landmark album Definitely Maybe.

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