Yay Or Nay? 4AD's Pixx Delivers New Single 'Waterslides'!

"Who even knew 4AD was still around?"

Those were the first words uttered by the owner of the local record store upon listening to Pixx's latest offering from her still-forthcoming debut album The Age of Anxiety (due June 2nd).

 Tis true, those of us "of a certain age" know 4AD from Bauhuas, Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, This Mortal Coil, the Pixies, Throwing Muses, Xymox, and, of course, the seminal Lonely Is An Eyesore comp that remains the label's sonic calling card.

Where Pixx fits into the label's pantheon of musical touchstones remains to be seen, of course, but after two previous sneak peeks, "I Bow Down" and "Grip", Pixx unveils the most pop-centric track from her debut album and now we're starting to see what 4AD saw in Hannah Rodgers.

Coming two years after the folk-tinged introspection of her debut EP, Fall In,  Pixx's sonic bag of tricks is much larger this time and yet its the simplicity that still manages to grab the listener.

There is an earnestness and lack of pretense in Pixx's approach that recalls Bjork and Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins) only because those are the first that come to mind besides, of course, early Madonna and Kate Bush, all putting this South London artist in fine company, if you ask us.

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  1. I give it a yay.

    And 4AD is still putting out some gems. St. Vincent was on the label for a while, but I think she has since moved.