Monday, December 11, 2017

Sunflower Bean: RIYL Darling Buds, Cranberries, And The Primitives!

Hailing from NYC comes this hype-worthy trio consisting of singer/bassist Julia Cumming, drummer Jakob Faber and guitarist Nick Kivlen, Sunflower Bean's members may be barely out of high school, yet they possess a musical soul well beyond their years.

There is an odd familiarity about them that gives their songs a certain well-worn comfort, as if having grown up listening to their music. They bounce effortlessly from Smiths-ian nuance one moment  to Feelies-esque "jangle angst" (did we just create a new sub-genre?) the next without losing their effervescent joy.

Of course, it is Kivlen's fluid guitar work that elevates the proceedings and one can't help but see a bright future in the cards for him, if not the band. Think 21st century Johnny Marr.

The band's latest single, "I Was A Fool", shows the band to be well-versed in pop tradition, yet able to push the envelope both musically and visually in a manner that is both refreshing and indicative of greater things to come.

They'll be coming to town on January 31 for a gig opening for Sleigh Bells at Metro. Grab your tickets HERE.

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