Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Why Is Bryan Adams Not In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Yet?

In what world does it make any sense that Green Day is inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame before Bryan fucking Adams?

In fact, despite being eligible long before the Bay Area punks, Adams has yet to even be nominated for consideration.

In lieu of a living, breathing Joe Strummer, it seems that the American rock press has attempted to fill that void by deifying Billie Joe Armstrong at the expense of all reason and rational thought. That's akin to elevating a First Act guitar to "legend" status when no Gibson Les Paul can be found in the price range.

Keep in mind that Bryan Adams had TEN, yes, ten Top 20 hit singles in the U.S. before Green Day had even made their first album.

When one factors in how inexplicably difficult it has been historically for Canadian acts to enjoy any sort of prolonged success in the States, Adams' success is even more astounding.

But let us forget mere chart performance for the moment and consider Adams' other contributions to rock music:

Okay, there are none.

With Adams, what you got were radio-friendly rockers that pummeled listeners into submission with insistent rock hooks, a youthful Rod Stewart-infused rasp, and just enough youthful bravado to get away with some sophomoric double-entendres ("Summer Of '69", anyone?).

When that stops being good enough to get into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, perhaps the Cleveland tourist trap should just as well build a wing in tribute to the Chuck E Cheese animatronic robot band and be done with it.


  1. I am very disappointed the Hall never considers Bryan Adams. I think he is a great rocker and performer having seen him in concert at least 10 times. I think because his "hits" include love ballads from movies works against him, but he has made so many great songs, and the Hall just ignores...stupid.

  2. It's about time long ago that Bryan should already have inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. I am very dissappointed too!!! Bryan has been rocking since 1983 until now. Let's take a look to his recent tour!!!

  3. Amazing artist and puzzled he’s never been inducted was my first serious artist I listen to all through my teens and still in my 40’s

  4. Damn right. Internationally renowned, a tonne of chart top hits, still awesome live (just saw him in Halifax a few months ago). Nothing against the Cure, but come on, just look at the body of work in comparison.

  5. Bryan Adams not being in the hall of fame (along with The Doobie Brothers and Duran Duran) is CRIMINAL!!!!!!!!

  6. The hall of fame is a joke! Steppenwolf is not in the hall but Madonna is. Motley Crue is not but NWA is. A total joke!