Friday, July 20, 2018

The Three Acts You Gotta See At Pitchfork Festival, Day One!

Julien Baker - 5:15 Blue Stage

I almost feel as if going on too long about Julien Baker defeats the entire purpose. Her music is simplicity and complexity woven into one heartfelt confession that grabs you by the throat from three miles away and makes you feel that even a walk in the park at midnight with her music in your head can feel like the most visceral thing to happen to you in ages.

Courtney Barnett - 7:25 Red Stage

There is an art to be just the right amount of ramshackle and Courtney Barnett is exactly the right amount. Plus, she infuses her dirty, roots rock vibe with just enough soul to give it that swing that elevates chord structures we've all heard a million times.

Her rhythm section of Bones Sloane and Dave Mudie are the unsung heroes, digging a groove for each song to fall into with ease and gluing the whole thing together so you walk out of the festival thinking "Where have these guys been hiding?" 

Tame Impala - 8:30 Green Stage

At this point, even your grandma has heard of Tame Impala in the three years that have passed since their breakthrough album Currents was released. In that time, we have seen as the band has slowly morphed from a cheeky lo-fi indie-rock act into a full-fledged festival headliner.

Tonight's performance will hopefully reveal the full culmination of that transition and, you know, maybe they'll even grace us with some new songs.

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