Saturday, October 31, 2020

20 Cool Potential Band Names Taken From Guided By Voices Song Titles!

When my ass is king, there will be an immediate and strictly-enforced five-year moratorium on band names not taken from Robert Pollard/Guided By Voices songs.

Let's face it, as someone who has tried and miserably failed to ever come up with a truly great band name, myself, the music of Robert Pollard may be too much for the mainstream to wrap its tiny, "Housewives of Madison County" brain around. then perhaps Pollard's greatest gift to society (what's left of it, anyway) will be to inject the Top 40 rock charts (what's left of them, anyway) with some fucking style and pizazz.

You don't even have to like Guided By Voices to see the genius of a man who, if we have anything to say about it, will go down in history as a one-man band name generator, so, before you name that next band of yours after your favorite childhood cat, check out these ten cool band names taken from Guided By Voices songs! 

Keep in mind that any one of these is ripe for the can thank me (and Bob, of course) in the liner notes.

1. Dead Liquor Store

2. Alex & The Omegas

3. The Bone Church

4. Cinnamon Flavored Skulls

5. High Five Hall Of Famers

6. Cul de Sac Kids

7. Angelic Weirdness

8. Look, It's Baseball!

9. Bomb The Bee-Hive

10. Delayed Reaction Brats

If you've read this far and haven't already run to see if the dot com is available on some of these names, then perhaps this next batch will pinken your bottom.

11. The Caterpillar Workforce (better hop on this one before Robyn Hitchcock does)

12. Nightmare Jamboree (the name alone will get you booked at The Hideout, no questions asked) 

13. Cold War Water Sports

14. Laundry and Lasers

15. Temporary Shakedown

16. Cheap Buttons

17. Low Flying Perfection

18. The Candyland Riots

19. Some Drilling Implied 

20. Short On Posters (I mean, back when you could hang posters, this would have been funny to see...on a poster.)

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