Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Quick Blurb: Three Things I Learned From The New Gordon Lightfoot Documentary (Now on Prime)!

What did I NOT know about Gordon Lightfoot before I watched this documentary, "If You Could Read My Mind" (streaming now on Amazon Prime)?

- One of the great loves of his life was the same woman who, for lack of a better description, killed John Belushi.
- If he and Dylan were at the same party, which they were on more than one occasion, there would be some words between the two and then the guitars would come out.
- The breadth of artists who've covered his material over the years is stunning. I'm guessing that when Elvis does one of your songs, well, there might be a check or two coming your way. If Lightfoot still owns his songwriting share of the publishing (there was no mention to the contrary in the film), he should have more money than Jeff Bezos.

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