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Com Truise at The Mid, December 8

Whether you call it retrowave, synthwave, or just good old-fashioned new wave, Com Truise is probably one of the biggest names going. The Mid, for those unaware, is a dance club located downtown in what used to be the Limelight back in the day.

Murder By Death at Bottom Lounge, December 31

This long-running Bloomington, IN collective has long been a favorite of ours. Over the years, we've urged friends unfamiliar with the band to go check them out - at times, tearfully pleading "Trust us!" - and we can happily report that every last one came back with tears in their eyes, saying "Thank you, man!" Dunno why the name seems to be the one thing that puts people off, but, in a way, it also keeps the douchebags and the fair-weather fans away, which is great in this case because its a New Year's Eve show and there will already be plenty of those types wandering the streets. Let Bottom Lounge be your NYE safe space and MBD be your soundtrack to dropping 2017 like a dirty jock strap.

Guided By Voices at Empty Bottle, December 30-31

As the grand finale to Empty Bottle's 25th Anniversary celebration, the club is bringing back one of its most memorable acts to help them not only celebrate their 25th year in bid'ness, but also the new year that is fast gaining on us.

Diane Coffee at Lincoln Hall, January 19, 2018

The gender-ambiguous project of indie rocker Shaun Fleming has already released two albums of envy-inducing (we're jealous, so sue us) D.I.Y. rock that truly comes alive onstage, invoking ghosts of Elliot Smith and a love for baroque melodies that will make you a fan if you ain't already.

Sunflower Bean (opening for Sleigh Bells) at Metro, January 31, 2018

Been in a blue mood since Darling Buds and the Primitives called it a day? If so, NYC combo Sunflower Bean have arrived just in time to keep you from ending it all. Its members may be just out of high school, but this band is chock-full of old souls who bring a refreshing twist to that timeless '60's inspired pop aesthetic that never goes out of style. While singer Julia Cumming has a certain Twiggy-meets-ScarJo vibe about her, she's no musical lightweight merely keeping herself busy between modeling gigs. The band's real secret weapon, however, is guitarist Nick Kivlen who, mark our words, is the next Johnny Marr.

Hippo Campus at The Vic, February 16

Considering that we hailed this Minnesota band's debut LP as one of our Albums of The Year (of The Week), it should come as no surprise that their upcoming Vic gig made this list. HC are, without a doubt, one of the best old-school indie rock bands this country has to offer. For those who feel bad about missing out on Death Cab For Cutie's indie period, this is your chance for redemption. Hop on the bandwagon while its early.

Clan of Xymox at Bottom Lounge, March 17 2018

Seemingly ageless goth band Clan of Xymox (or Xymox, depending on which albums you have) return to the Windy City in support of their latest offering Days of Black, which picks up where the band's late '80s heyday left off.

In the two decades since, the band has remained active, joining the Metropolis roster in 1999 and unleashing a string of nine full-length releases that have established them as old school leaders of the increasingly popular "darkwave" sub-genre.

The Darkness at Park West, April 11

It's hard to believe that a band as balls-to-the-wall as The Darkness ever contemplated hanging it up, but such was the case in the wake of the band's initial success. Thankfully, singer Justin Hawkins got his head together, got the band back together, and they've been firing on all cylinders ever since. In a perfect world, we'd all have to trudge out to the Allstate Arena to catch a band this awesome, but, as the fates would have it, we get to see 'em at Park West instead. Hell yes! 

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