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Material Re-Issue return to Metro with the Lilacs and Ralph Covert's Bad Examples
Material Re-Issue come to the Metro on March 4.
The Lilacs w/Material Reissue + Bad Examples at Metro, March 4, 6PM TIX ON SALE 12/16
Take this trip back to celebrate the half of 1991 that Nirvana's arrival didn't spoil. Not only will you catch Ken Kurson's post-Green outfit The Lilacs in full reunion mode, but you also get a dose of the late '80s with a Phil Angotti-led Material Reissue and the ever-buoyant Ralph Covert leading the Bad Examples through yet another bar-busting version of "Not Dead Yet".

Note: Show starts at 6PM.

Moving Units perform Joy Division, Viktor Fiction, Soviet at Empty Bottle, March 10

I'm not gonna lie to you, post-punk tribute bands are the proverbial above-ground swimming pools of music (i.e., fun for about 30 seconds) so the real reason to attend this show is to catch former Pulsars honcho, sometime Mekons bassist, and producer Dave Trumfio in his current Viktor Fiction get-up.

The Dickies at Reggie's Rock Club, March 31 TIX

This San Fernando Valley punk act can still boast of selling over a million singles in the UK during the late 70's and early '80s. While the band's line-up is in constant flux, the core of singer Leonard Graves Phillips and Stan Lee remains intact, ensuring that the band you will see on 3/31 will retain all of the potency and over-the-top humor of yore. Not to be missed! 

The Damned at House of Blues, April 23, 2017 (tix on sale to general public Oct 28, 2016)

Come on, how often do you get to see The Damned - any incarnation - play such a laughably absurd venue as the House of Blues? Did the rotting corpse of Malcolm McLaren book this tour? As for why you should go, please consider that a) The Damned made the first real UK punk record ("New Rose"), and b) if you haven't already paid proper homage to these punk pioneers - regardless of the incarnation - please consider that this will be the band's 40th anniversary tour. How many more chances do you expect there to be? And, for the record, the current incarnation features original members Dave Vanian and Captain Sensible.

Redd Kross at Empty Bottle, May 11, 2017

You read that right, the mighty L.A. pop metal institution Redd Kross bring their special brand of rock "Neurotica" to the Bottle for a crash course in, well, Redd Kross that is loooong overdue. Considering that when we moved out to L.A., we timed our arrival just in time to see the band perform at that year's Sunset Junction (a Silverlake music festival), only to get there push our way to the front of the stage to hear someone behind us say "Man, sucks that Redd Kross broke up, man."

Of course, brothers Jeff and Steven McDonald eventually got the band back together and released Researching The Blues on Merge. That was four years ago and the band is still going stronger than ever.

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