Vending Machines Have Feelings Too!

We are proud-as-punch to announce the arrival of new vending machines at Knox Avenue, as well as at the new Superior St. annex that houses eleven brand-new rehearsal rooms. We are setting them up as we speak and expect to have them up-and-running by the end of this week.

Never let it be said that we at Superior St. don't do everything possible to make sure each and every one of you is properly hydrated so that you can bring your A-game to each and every rehearsal. Sure, some might say, "Pfft, it's only a rehearsal," but the rocker who smashes a $3000 guitar during a Monday-night band practice is more than likely the same guy breaking $10,000 guitars in front of a sold-out Allstate Arena crowd a year from now.

Needless to say, we don't want guys like that going thirsty at Superior St. OR Knox Avenue.

Having said that, while vending machines are great, they are not perfect and sometimes they can eat a coin or two. If such a thing should occur, please do not treat the vending machine the way Future Rock Star Guy treats $3000 guitars. In other words, do not beat up the machines.

Instead, simply contact us and we will be happy to provide a refund. We know what it's like to lose some cash to a machine and then get the third-degree when you go to management at other places to TRY and get your money back. We will NEVER do that to you. Remember, you aren't just our client, you're family and we at Superior St. and Knox Avenue take care of family.

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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