Why Choose Superior St./Knox Avenue?


Let's face it, Chicago is a big city and there are a TON of places for bands to rehearse. Chances are that, if you've been in enough bands, you've seen your share of Chicago rehearsal facilities and have come to know what you do and don't want when choosing your next space.


1. Professional on-site management.

Just like an apartment with on-site management coming in damn handy when a problem arises that you want taken care of NOW, never underestimate the absolute importance of on-site management where you rehearse. Let's face it, if you're serious about your music, your rehearsal space is literally your home away from home. If something needs attention, it's always great to know that there is someone literally right down the hall who can help you out. At Superior/Knox, our on-site management is always available to assist you. We may not be able to land you a babe on short notice, or a record deal, but there's not much else we can't handle.

2. Professional courtesy from everyone on-staff.

There's that word "professional" again. You never truly know how important a word that is until you run into management that is unprofessional, or treats you like the proverbial bald-headed stepchild. Nobody likes being treated that way. You know it, we know it, and it is our top priority to treat you the same way we'd treat Sting or Billy Corgan, or any top-flight musician. We will make sure that your time here can be spent concentrating on what it is you are here to do: make music.

You won't be bothered by any solicitation, we won't sell your contact info to Guitar Center (or anyone else, for that matter, and we won't interrupt your rehearsals to chat about how the Cubs, Sox, Blackhawks or Bears are doing. Additionally, we will not try screwing you out of your security deposit or hassling you in any way should you decide to move on, Bands come and go, we know that. It's life. Even if you do end up going elsewhere, we want you to be able to tell others that, while you were here, we took care of you, and we sincerely hope that we'll see you again at some point.

3. We care a lot.

It's more than just the title of a Faith No More tune, it's the way we actually feel. No other facility will try harder to take care of your needs and to make your experience a pleasant one. If you see us staring off into space, deep in thought, chances are we're trying to come up with a new perk we can throw your way to make your time at Superior St./Knox Avenue more enjoyable. This includes running promotions and contests, as well as sponsoring FREE events such as our legendary annual BBQ. Screw stale potato chips and flat soda, help yourself to some ribs and BEER, yo! And take in some entertainment while you're kicking it with your band mates. We don't say this to just everyone, but we want you to know...we love you, man.

So, hey, when you're ready to make the move to the next level, give us a call at 773.227.5550.

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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