Upcoming Street Festivals, June 18-20

Ahhh, take a deep breath...fill your lungs full of some summer, baby! This weekend brings us some very cool street festivals that will offer you plentiful amounts of babes, beers, BBQ's...and BANDS!

Chicago Peace Fest comes to Lincoln Park (1700 N. Stockton), bringing three days of great bands. Best of all, it's FREE!

Noon: Drum Circle with Huntress Diana
1 p.m.: Seeking
2 p.m.: Illusions Fate
3 p.m.: Foster Home
4 p.m.: Classy Ladies
4:40 p.m.: Requested Bassnectar
5 p.m.: Terrapin Flyer
5:40 p.m.: Havoc Footwork
6 p.m.: Half Mad Poet
6:40 p.m.: Ian Poet
7 p.m.: Thinner Teed
7:40 p.m.: TBA
8 p.m.: Velva

Noon: Drum Circle with Huntress Diana
1 p.m.: THC
1:40 p.m.: Jonathan Speaker
2 p.m.: Electric Medicine
2:40 p.m.: Andy Thayer
3 p.m.: Poverty Tax
4 p.m.: New Clear Threat
4:40 p.m.: Requested Bassnectar
5 p.m.: General Patton & His Privates
5:40 p.m.: Mike Kalas of Unity for a Change
6 p.m.: Environmental Encroachment
7 p.m.: Wanton Looks
7:40 p.m.: MC Sparkplug
8 p.m.: Section Four

Noon: Drum Circle with Huntress Diana
1 p.m.: Plain Ole Delicious
2 p.m.: Right Rongly
3 p.m.: Agents of Change
3:40 p.m.: Selina
4 p.m.: Flabby Hoffman
4:40 p.m.: Requested Bassnetar
5 p.m.: Strange Arrangement
5:40 p.m.: Kevin Rapper
6 p.m.: Phillip Morris vs Dubasaurus
6:40 p.m.: Sid Yiddish Poet
7 p.m.: Flow Theory
7:40 p.m.: White Mystery Band
8 p.m.: Malafacha

The 1st Annual MidSummer Festival comes to the West Rogers Park neighborhood, boasting three days of food, fun and, yep, you guessed it...BANDS!

6 p.m.: Libido Funk Circus
8 p.m.: Wedding Banned

Noon: Your Villian, My Hero
1:30 p.m.: Radio Live
3 p.m.: Fortunate Sons
5:15 p.m.: He Said, She Said
7:45 p.m.: Infinity

Noon: Urban Brew
1:30 p.m.: Black Betty
3 p.m.: The Gun Show
4:30 p.m.: Catfight
6 p.m.: 7th Heaven

From a food-lover's POV, a festival to really make some time for is the Taste Of Randolph Street festival (900 W. Randolph St.)...and, yes, there will be some bad-ass bands rockin' the streets in the West Loop!

West Stage
5:30 p.m.: Waco Brothers
7 p.m.: Matthew Santos Band
8:30 p.m.: Lovehammers

East Stage
6 p.m.: Bandoleros
8 p.m.: DJ David Starfire


West Stage
2 p.m.: Spinach Prince
4 p.m.: Twin Tigers
5:30 p.m.: Mucca Pazza
7 p.m.: One Eskimo
8:30 p.m.: Lucero

East Stage
3 p.m.: Weston Rose & Good Evening
4 p.m.: Vicarious
6 p.m.: DJ Jef Stott
8 p.m.: DJ Cheb i Sabbah


West Stage
3 p.m.: Environmental Encroachment – The Magic Marching Band
4 p.m.: The Love Language
5:30 p.m.: Headlights
7 p.m.: Califone
8:30 p.m.: Superchunk

East Stage
4 p.m.: DJ Carla Starla
6 p.m.: Lubriphonic
8 p.m.: Funkadesi

Last, but certainly not least is Takin' It To The Streets: Urban International Festival (6734 S. Kedzie). Admission is FREE and the number of musical acts participating in this festival is truly staggering and ranges from Mos Def to dozens of top-flight DJ's and hip-hop acts.

Click here to download a PDF file of the complete music schedule.

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