For Those About To Rock...

Anyone who thinks being in a band is all glamor and glitz has never actually been in a band. The truth of the matter is that the life of a musician is actually kinda stressful at times. Chicago being what it is, most of us have heard of at least one instance of a musician being mugged at gunpoint, or having their gear stolen, or discovering that their car has been broken into or vandalized because they just happened to one of Chicago's less desirable neighborhoods.

Since we have opened our doors at Knox Avenue, we have seen a great number of bands literally flee their present rehearsal space for the much safer, and friendlier confines of Knox Avenue. Located on the Northwest side, we must admit that a few current clients expressed some initial concern, but they soon found that the area surrounding Knox is actually a neighborhood on-the-rise. First impressions of the area will reveal a plethora of ma-and-pa storefronts, low-key bars and restaurants, and a tiny sliver of industrial property (where Knox Avenue is located, as a matter of fact) sandwiched between upscale North West side neighborhoods full of trendy condos and larger estates.

In other words, rehearsing at Knox Avenue will mean no longer having to trudge into the ghetto just to rock out with your cock out (of course, what you do on your own time is your business).

As if that weren't enough, did I mention that Knox Avenue has a plentiful supply of that rare commodity we Chicagoans call "A/C". Other rehearsal facilities say they have it, but a $10 box fan with a decade's worth of grungy black dust stuck to it is NOT actually air-conditioning.

If they DO actually have air-conditioning, many times, they refuse to run it, or it is in such a state of disrepair that when it is on, you'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference.

Our A/C system, like the entire facility itself is BRAND-NEW as of this spring. That's right. If Knox Avenue were a car, it would still have that spiffy "new car smell" to it as opposed to the "the stench of a thousand sweaty jam bands" smell that most other facilities have.

As if that weren't enough, both Knox Avenue and Superior St. are going green this summer. with recycling areas located conveniently throughout both facilities. We are also installing some nifty hand sanitizers in the bathrooms for your convenience.

While we at Knox Avenue strive to do the big things right, we also recognize that it's the little things that count just as much sometimes. With that in mind, we are constantly working to make your experience at Knox Avenue (and Superior St.) the best that it can possibly be.

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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