Guns n Roses Pelted by Beer n Bottles

Well, it seems that GNR audiences have finally gotten tired of Axl Rose's incessant tardiness. Rose, who has been known to not hit the stage until he damn well feels like it - sometimes going on up to four hours late - took the stage a mere 40 minute late and felt the full wrath of the Dublin audience who greeted him with bottles aplenty.

Two songs in, Rose warned the crowd that if one more bottle was thrown, he was splitting. A bottle was thrown and, true to his word, Rose high-tailed it backstage.

Concert promoter Denis Desmond had to physically prevent Rose from leaving the stadium and did a fancy job of sweet-talking Rose, so much so that Rose and his band of hired guns eventually returned to the stage and performed their full concert.

Most hilariously, Yahoo UK referred to Rose as the lone "surviving" member of the original Guns n Roses. Quick, somebody go check on Duff, Adler, Slash and Izzy.

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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