The Shit List: Best Rock & Roll Halloween Costumes

We at The Shit suspect most of you out there, if they had "rock & roll" costumes back when we was kids, you'd have gone as a rocker every year. Thus, whether you're still a kid at heart (and look young for your age) or have children of your own and you wanna urge them in a particular direction, we here at The Shit are more than happy to pass on this list of our favorite rock & roll Halloween costumes.

1. Gothic Rocker

If your little rocker listens to the heavy stuff, and seems to wear a lot of make-up for a boy, then this outfit sounds custom-made for them. Aside from the cool exo-skeleton, this outfit comes with a choice of two guitars: the "Axe Blade" or the "Demon Blade".

How cool is that?

2. Punk Rock Dog Costume

If you're anything like us, then your dog (or cat) is part of the family, so why not include them in your Halloween fun? Our top choice for pet costume is this nifty punk rocker outfit that looks great on the bulldog in the picture, who's to say it won't also look smashing on your chihuahua?While the picture indicates this looks great on a bulldog, we think it will also look smashing on your chihuahua or dachshund?

3. 80's Hair Metal Adult Costume

The 80's were a magical time for some of us, so why not have a little fun with one of the more chucke-worthy aspects of the decade: hair metal. This adult outfit will no doubt embarrass your pre-teen daughter to no end if you should happen to wear it when you take her trick or treating. That's reason enough to buy this costume. Another reason, if you really need it, is that you might be mistaken for Rikki Rockett and get some trailer-park cougar action.

4. Lamest KISS Costume We've Ever Seen

KISS was the first band to be immortalized as a Halloween costume. We went as Ace Frehley back in '78. Since then, millions have donned the mask of their favorite KISS member. Since then, every year has had its fair share of KISS costumes, buit, oddly enough, we don't remember anyone ever going as Paul Stanley unless they and three of their buddies were going as the whole band and the one who drew the short straw had to go as Paul. It is only fitting that the dorkiest (which makes it that much more hilarious) KISS costume we've ever seen just happens to be one of Paul Stanley.

The only thing that could make this costume any better would be a big wad of velcro chest hair.

5. Lady Gaga Costume (shown at top of article)

While we personally think Lady Gaga is a big ol' butter-face, a hot chick could really rock a Lady Gaga outfit and give us a little something to look at while we get bombed at this year's office Halloween party. Hence, it makes the list!

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