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Are a certain US rock band whose debut album caused a bit of a hot fuss currently eyeballing a certain member of a noted Chicago band to replace a recently-departed original member?

Seems a not-yet-out-of-the-closet country singer is in talks with Oprah Winfrey for a two-part interview, which will culminate with them "coming out" on Oprah's show.

Could it be that Bun E. Carlos' exit from Cheap Trick this past spring came after a "him or me" demand pitting him against singer Robin Zander? And, if so, did he actually think the band would choose him over "the voice of the friggin' band"? We at Superior St./Knox Avenue are huge fans of the band and are still bummed that Bun E. has exited the band, but the fans also say that Daxx Nielsen has been doing a helluva job.

There is talk of a full-blown summer 2011 Survivor reunion featuring the band's original line-up, as well as second singer Jimi Jamison.

Last but not least, a Chicago duo that records under the name of Has Anbody Seen The Jet Set Hand Grenade? are being scouted by Capitol Records on the strength of a three-song demo cut at Steve Albini's Electric Audio. More details to follow.

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