Today In Music, October 6, 2010: Tommy Stinson Edition

(Rockin' the fun park, motherfucker.)

Rather than give you a random rundown of musically-relevant events that took place on this day, I felt that today's event demanded our full attention.

I do believe that a certain Superior St. employee who shall remain nameless would also agree wholeheartedly that this particular event warrants its own post on "The Shit".

On this day, in 1966 (a very cool year to be born, by the way), founding member of the Replacements, Bash & Pop, Perfect, and current Guns 'n' Roses bassist Tommy Stinson was born.

Stinson's talent as a bassist and backing vocalist are secondary to his good looks, which have been known to make otherwise stable woman suddenly lose their equilibrium and tumble down a flight of stairs. It is for that and that reason alone that we at Superior St./Knox Avenue celebrate this day to the absolute fullest and urge you to do the same.

Now, you might think that we'd naturally include a YouTube clip of the Replacements at their finest, as that is what any other site would do, but we at Superior St. wish to show you Stinson at his absolute, mind-blowing best. The performance wasn't with the Mats, but, rather, Bash & Pop and, while we didn't personally think their album was nearly as urgent or energetic, when Stinson hit the "Late Night With David Letterman" stage to perform "Fast And Hard", he did so like a man possessed and turned in the single best performance I have ever seen on Letterman.


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