The Return Of Material Issue!

While this legendary Chicago band may never be able to truly return due to the untimely suicide of singer Jim Ellison, fans can still rejoice over the upcoming 20th Anniversary re-issue of their iconic debut CD, International Pop Overthrow, due on Hip-O Select. The label has yet to officially announce the album's existence, but a little birdy told us that it will hit the streets April 5, 2011.

Perhaps no other band in the history of Chicago's storied alt-rock scene has embodied the D.I.Y. indie-rock aesthetic more than this tenacious trio that went from assembling copies of their first EP by hand and playing any hole-in-the-wall club that would have them to inking a major label record deal with Mercury Records and touring with the likes of the Pretenders. One listen to the deceptively plaintive refrain of "Valerie Loves Me" is enough to leave just about anyone scratching their heads and wondering how the song, not to mention the band, didn't become a huge hit.

While this re-issue probably won't change anything in that regard, the re-release of this great album is a chance for fans both new and old to rediscover this great band. Thankfully, a treasure trove of bonus tracks from that era will be included.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Valerie Loves Me
2. Diane
3. Renee Remains The Same
4. This Letter
5. Out Right Now
6. Crazy
7. Chance Of A Lifetime
8. International Pop Overthrow
9. Very First Lie
10. Trouble
11. There Was A Few
12. This Far Before
13. A Very Good Idea
14. Li’l Christine

Bonus tracks:

15. Cowboy
16. Blockbuster
17. Echo Beach
18. She’s Going Through My Head
19. The Boxer (live)
20. The Girl Who Never Falls In Love
21. Sixteen Tambourines
22. The Girl With The Saddest Eyes

By the way, anyone in need of a serious Material Issue rarities fix need only head over to Power Pop Criminals. They've recently unearthed what appears to be at least a dozen volumes of MI rare tracks.

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