Ice Cube Tix 50% Off? Pinch Us!!

Was just checking our in-box and noticed that the latest Reader Deal is 50% off tickets to go see rapper Ice Cube at the Mid (306 N. Halsted). Seeing as how the show is this Sunday, deals like this always scream "Help, we haven't actually sold that many tickets and we're losing our ass on this show!"

Of course, when we see such deals, we always feel sorry for those die-hard fans who ran right out and bought tickets at regular price. Way to kick your fans in the 'nads, unintentionally or no.

Perhaps what this says about Ice Cube is that maybe, just maybe, all those crappy "family-oriented" projects like the "Are We There Yet?" film trilogy and TV show have diminished his street cred as a gangsta rapper - maybe even more so than Ice T playing a cop on TV.

Still, the "pants on the ground" quotient" at this show is bound to be high and I imagine that 306 N. Halsted just might be as good a place as any to catch a stray bullet come Sunday.


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