Wanna Have Your Mind Blown For $3.99?

Today sees the release of the new album by Devotchka, called 100 Lovers and, as if that weren't cool enough, you can grab the entire album in mp3 format from Amazon for a measly $3.99.

If you haven't already hipped your own head to the sounds of DeVotchKa, you owe it to yourself to do so. Once you do, you will be reminded of so many things; all of them good, and find new musical nuances unfold before your very ears with repeated listens.

To the unconverted, DeVotchKa are a British band that has the uncanny ability to recall Echo & The Bunnymen, Coldplay (first two albums), Muse, and Talking Heads. Sounds cool, huh?

Well, guess what...we lied about them being British. They sound like they should be from Britain, but this talented four-piece is actually from Denver, CO. That's right, they hail from the good ol' US of A.

Now, don't let that keep you from losing yourself in the ethereal, yet flamboyant arrangements or the vocals that seem to subtly draw you in only to take off like a hot-air balloon, soaring effortlessly to and fro.

What's most amazing is how the band can cover so much ground, stylistically - from acoustic folk-tinged ballads to bombastic orchestral rave-ups to haunting exorcisms - and have it all come together to create a cohesive album that all makes sense in the end.


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