Dave Grohl, Courtney Love Join Fleetwood Mac, Will Re-record "Rumours"!

In the wake of the sudden departures of Lyndsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, who both left late last year to pursue solo careers, Fleetwood Mac's remaining members Mick Fleetwood and John McVie went on an extensive search for their replacements. Exhaustive auditions, held at a secret location in Canoga Park, CA, saw a number of notable rock icons double-parked in front of an old Chuy's restaurant location.

Then, last week, all activity came to a halt. Mere days ago, a cryptic tweet on Mick Fleetwood's Twitter page hinted at the future, saying, "Two stars have been plucked from the sky and the Mac is officially back! Stay tuned!"

And today, the band has announced the addition of new members Dave Grohl and Courtney Love. "We are genuinely excited by the opportunity to work with two stellar talents and look forward to getting into the recording studio as soon as possible to begin work on our song-by-song re-recording of our classic album, Rumours," says founding member Mick Fleetwood. "Truth be told, while Rumours was a great commercial success, John and I felt that the inclusion of Buckingham and Nicks on those sessions really held the album back from its fullest potential. Now, with Dave and Courtney on-board, we can finally give our fans the album they deserve."

Dave Grohl, who is also in the process of legally changing his name to Dave Growl, spoke highly of this new chapter in his career. "From the moment I first hit the stage as a young musician, I dreamed of one day playing in a band like Fleetwood Mac. My time in bands like Nirvana and the Foo Fighters was nothing more than me passing the time until such an opportunity presented itself."

Courtney Love seems equally thrilled about her new musical role, saying "Teh mooney iz rilly goof and I cna't see Bean ennyway sooo herE I em."

Amen to that!

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