The Welcome Return of The Dead Milkmen

Yep, the wonderfully ramsahckle band that gave the world the wonderfully demented smash hit single (humor us, please) "Bitchin' Camaro" back in 1986 have seen fit to maker a quite welcome return to active duty with the release of their first studio album in 16 years, The King In Yellow.

We at The Shit admit to losing track of the band back in the 90's when they started to sound a little too professional, signed to Disney-owned Hollywood Records, and made a couple records that sounded nothing like the band we knew and loved. But, with the release of their new 17-track platter, we can say wholeheartedly that all is forgiven.

While the band remain tighter than a chicken's sphincter (not normally the case for bands that get back together two decades after they split up), what's most refreshing about the record is that it sounds like something that could have come out in 1986 or so and still knocked us on our ass.

The fine folks at Riot Fest obviously agree because they're bringing DM into town to headline a show on April 30th at the Congress Theatre, with the Lawrence Arms, the Reaganomics, and the Holy Mess opening.

Amazingly, tickets are still available.


And pick up a copy of their new album while you're at it. When you feel yourself starting to fade in your cubicle, pop it in, and feel the adrenaline begin to course through your veins. Who needs Red Bull when you've got the Dead Milkmen to throttle your nervous system? Thank us later.

You're welcome.

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