DMB Coming to Chicago, Only Thing Missing Is U!

Yep, looks like Lollapalooza has some serious competition this summer in the form of the Dave Matthews Band's Caravan Festival, which will be playing the Lakeside (which, near as we can tell is a big patch of dirt on the far South Side that used to be home to a local steel factory) on July 8-10.

Of course, they aren't the only ones playing. They'll be bringing with them a gigantic amalgamation of jam-band oriented opening acts with them, but each night will be capped off by a DMB performance.

Considering the Dave Matthews Band will always and forever be known as the band that dumped a huge load of shit upon the great city of Chicago, we at The Shit (oddly apropos, innit?) can't help but be a little pee-shy at the mention of the almighty DMB making Chicago their home for three days in the middle of July. What do you get when you put that many jam bands, VW vans, hippies with money, and over-priced corn dogs all in one place? More importantly, where do you think those jam-band motherfuckers are gonna empty their Porta-Potties on their way out of town?

That's right, Chicago! The dumping of raw crap onto the fair citizens of this great city by the Dave Matthews Band was not an isolated incident. If we've learned anything, it is that history will repeat any time you give it the chance to do so.

Fool us once, poop on us. Fool us twice, uh, you get the picture.

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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