Why Dave Grohl Should Run For President!

Okay, I'm not a HUGE fan of the guy's music and I really, really wouldn't mind having a real reason to not like the guy, but dammit if Dave Grohl isn't just about the coolest mofo on the planet.

During the band's recent performance at the iTunes Festival, Grohl stopped the show to lambast an unruly fan who was then immediately kicked out of the show.

Now, that's easy enough to do when you're in a dive bar playing to 50 people, but the Foo Fighters play to literally tens of thousands of people each night and yet Grohl has the presence of mind and dedication to his fans' concert-going experience to expel a fan who just happens to be acting like a royal shit-bag.

Other than to stop the show in order to run into a burning building and save a basket full of kittens, what could Diamond Dave possibly do to top this? We will no doubt find out together, my friends. Stay tuned.

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